Hand Bills of Up Coming Concerts

These flyers are from the early 1970's.
Printed on cheap construction paper, these were usually available at the record stores in the Bay Area. Most were printed on one side. Some were printed on both and may have an ad, like the one for Slade, shown here. The early ones were just text, but later they added photos and graphics. Few of these have survived. Amazing to see the many bands that toured and for around $5. This was before Rock music became a major corporate controlled business!


  1. Thanks for the archive, it would be great to see a year date at the bottom of each piece.Check out my website, you will like it.

  2. Sorry, there is no year posted on these. They are mostly from 1973 and 1974. Thanks for the link to your website.

  3. Greg- Great photos! Thanks again for sending your website.