Golden Earring are best known in the 
USA for their hit song, "Radar Love" from 1974.
They have accomplished much more.
They are one of the longest surviving rock 
bands in the world with over 30 albums and
75 singles. They were formed by George
Kooymans and Rinus Gerritsen in 1961. 
They have had few changes in membership
and are still performing and recording today. 
My friends and I saw them at Winterland
in San Francisco 5/25/74. To see my photos
and read our memoirs of that concert
A review of an earlier 
single by John Peel.
The original 45 single cover.
Radar Love (live clip)
Moontan was a huge success
but received mixed reviews.

I grabbed this drum stick
off of the Winterland stage.

This full page ad
appeared in CREEM
magazine 6/74
This used the same graphic
but listed the gigs.

They opened for many of the
biggest names in rock,
including Led Zepplin, Eric
Clapton and Jimi Hendrix
An ad from 8/1/74 shows
how a hit single and heavy 
touring turned them into 
a world wide success.
Originally titled Golden Earrings, 
they dropped the 's'. The name came 
from a song by Peggy Lee.
Here are some of their 
early releases.
Moontan contains the hit "Radar Love". 
The cover, front and back, was released, but 
later replaced with less provocative images.
Original back cover. 
The more modest cover. 

This rare recording shows that
they were a commercial
success in Holland years
before "Radar Love."
Rum and Coca Cola (audio)
Rum and Coca Cola - side 2 (audio)

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  1. Thanks for this memorabilia about a really great band.

    Golden Earring figured into a story told me by my friend, Bob, who was a U.S. Postal carrier. This was during the time the Postal Service was carefully observing employees because some of them had "gone postal," shooting up their post offices and killing fellow employees.

    Bob was casing mail and listening to his headphones (pre-iPod days). He was singing along to Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" and when he got to the line, "...when the bullet hits the bone," he got pulled off the job by his supervisor and ended up for an evaluation in a psychiatrist's office.

    He told the shrink, "Obviously my supervisor is not a Golden Earring fan."