Led Zeppelin's US tour in 1973 was a
major success. It established them
as one of the most popular rock
bands in the world. It had been nearly
a year and a half since the release of their
 4th album, their most successful.
Their 5th album, "Houses of the Holy",
was released in March 1973. They
toured the US in May and June, in grand style.
Flying in Starship 1, the same jet Elvis, The Rolling
 Stones and Elton John had used, they ended the
tour on June 2nd in San Francisco.
 Bill Graham began his, "Day on the Green"
 series that Spring with
The Grateful Dead and then
Led Zeppelin. 50,000 fans
poured into Kezar Stadium. My friends
and I were there, too. To see our photos
and read our memoirs of that event,
go to -
Brit Rock By The Bay
Here are a couple of ads that ran
in the local SF publications. 

The coveted ticket!
My friends slept over night along with dozens
 of fans to be among the first to enter. 
Dan Cuny can be seen with his head propped up
against the cyclone fence. Gary Hodges is 
curled up in his sleeping bag to his right. 
Dan took this picture of me waiting for the show to begin. 
I had not slept over night to get in first, but I was 
just a few yards behind them.
You can see the jeer on my face. 
A clip I saved from a SF paper. 

Announcement of the tour
just weeks before. 

A shot of the band
in front of "Starship 1"
Photo © Vanity Fair Magazine.
On Board Starship 1, (live clip)
A detail of the text above.

Atlantic Records released
the tour dates.
From the Book "Hammer of the Gods"
Published by William Morrow & Co.
Text is © Stephen Davis 1985 .
A review of the concert.
From Bill Graham's 
autobiography "Bill Graham
Presents". Published by Doubleday.
 © Estate of Bill Graham 1992.
The late, great Phil Elwood was 
a lover of jazz, but not so much of 
Led Zeppelin, as can be seen in this 
review. Probably from the 
SF Examiner. 

My photos of the concert, before, during and after.
That is Dan Cuny jeering back at me.
The girl nearest me is mentioned in my memoir.
Someone always has a huge balloon. 

I had to leave my spot to use the restroom.
I left my jacket on the ground in hopes that 
my space would still be there. I managed to find my 
way back through the crowd. The jacket was still there. 
I made sure I got a shot of the sign, 

Gary can be seen among the 
tangle of arms and hair.

Some people stood to see
Lee Michaels, some didn't. 

Led Zep arrives. We all stood up!

They used a smoke machine for
the song, "No Quarter".

One of the doves they released
at the end of "Stairway to Heaven" 
returned and landed on Robert 
Plant's hand. Jimmy Page went over
and they both petted the bird,

A blow-up op of the same shot.

After the show I met up with 
my sun-baked friends, Gary
and Michael. You can see the doves
in the background. I guess they 
returned for the encore. 

Dan puts away his camera. 

The aftermath.

One last look at Kezar. It was demolished
in 1989 and rebuilt as a much 
smaller structure. 
An article from Circus magazine 10/73.
Circus Magazine article 4/74.
Robert Plant is interviewed. 
Led Zeppelin are revered as
the biggest English rock band
since the Beatles. Plant was 
just 25 at the time of this interview.
Before Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant 
and John Bonham were in
Band of Joy.
Led Zeppelin start their own label, 
"Swan Song" a year after 
playing Kezar.
An interview with Jimmy Page 
and Robert Plant 3/75.
A review of their 
first album. It received 
some mixed reviews as they 
were still shaking off the 
image of being the "New
Their 2nd release was a super
hit with "Whole Lot of Love" 
and other songs that became standards.
Their 3rd release had great 
moments, but was not the 
major hit they wanted. It used more 
acoustic instruments. 
With their 4th album, 
there was no doubt of their 
abilities. "Stairway to Heaven"
and many other songs on the album
are rock classics. 
"Houses of the Holy" was their 
5th album. It, too, had it's 
great moments, but met with
mixed reviews. 

Their 5th album, "Houses of the Holy"
with cover by Hipgnosis.
"Houses of the Holy", (a history)
The inside cover.
The inner sleeve.
Since their albums did not have 
the name of the band or album
printed on the cover, a paper band
or sticker was added by the
record company.

John Bonham died after a drinking
binge in 1980. They were
preparing to rehearse for their
next album. Led Zeppelin
decided to disband as they
felt they could not continue
on with out him.
This was the best tribute
anyone could get.
John Bonham
John Bonham Interview,(live clip).
A Tribute to John Bonham
Recommended reading 


  1. I love Led Zep! Zepy in Hungary

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  3. Great account of what must have been one, if not the, best show that you ever went to! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello,

    Runner's world magazine is interested in the photographs on your blog of Kezar stadium after the Grateful Dead concert. We are hoping you would be able to help us with where you got the photos from.

    Please contact me at anna.schulte@rodale.com

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  5. Another great page,apparently the Houses of the Holy cover was shot at Giant's Causeway in Ireland, I was there about 4 days ago , there were no naked kids scrambling around then .

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  7. I went to this concert when I was 18, straight out of a bar in Reno at 6:00 in the morning. This was definitely the best concert I have ever seen. Led Zeppelin was mesmerizing. The Tubes opened this concert, aka Quaalude and the Tubes at this venue. Fee Waybill was theatrical and entertaining with his versions of Mick Jagger in 10-in platform shoes, Elvis Presley, and the TV theme song Rawhide, complete with whip and 20 gallon hat. Lee Michaels followed with an acoustic set and then Zeppelin took the stage. So much talent I never took my eyes off them until the concert was over, truly amazing! I feel privileged I got to see one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Tomorrow I turn 65, rock and roll forever!