My button with the classic YES logo
by cover artist, Roger Dean.
My friends and I saw YES at Winterland 3/15/74
To see my photos and read our
memoirs, go to - 
A great review of their
first album by Lester Bangs, 2/7/70
Their breakthrough album, 
"Fragile" is reviewed 3/16.72.
An article from CIRCUS
magazine March 1972.
"Close to the Edge" is 
reviewed, 11/9/72
This 6/7/73 article by 16 year
old, Cameron Crowe, goes into
the bands life on the road and more. 
YES are voted 
number one band
in the world, 9/29/73
This article appeared in Melody Maker 3/2/74, just
13 days before we saw them at Winterland.


The vinyl Lp with original sticker, (still in shrink wrap!),
and the 8 page booklet that came with the album. 
It was designed by Roger Dean.
Read more - Roger Dean

TOMORROW was the group that Steve Howe was 
in before YES. They were part of the mid-60s 
psychedelic sound. 
Read more - TOMORROW

This photo of Tomorrow is 
uncredited. It was discovered years later and
published in a great book of early EMI publicity photos. 
The book is titled "The End of Innocence" and is 
published by SCALO, 1997. I highly recommend this book.
An article reprinted in another book, "Then, Now,
and Rare - British Beat 1960-1969".
Published by Omnibus Press, 2002. 
Also, highly recommended.


  1. I was at That Hinterland concert, my first Yes show. I had just turned 16

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