Uriah Heep toured the US a lot in the 70s. I saw them play 
on two occasions. The first time at the Berkeley Community 
Theater, 10/24/72. Then again at Bill Graham's Winterland 
in San Francisco, 2/10/74. At that concert my friends 
and I  met the band and were able to get 
all five autographs. They were very friendly. Sadly, 
Gary Thain died a short time after this, 
as did David Byron a few years later.
To see my photos from that concert
and read our memoirs, go to -
The band's autographs and
confetti I scooped off
the stage after the concert.
This is a Press Package. A simple folder with publicity shots, reviews and other basic information on the band. These were put together by the record companies and distributed as a promotional device to DJs, newspapers and concert promoters. I found this one at a shop that sold rock posters, T-shirts, etc.
The review of their first
album was not very 
Their next albums received
better, but mixed reviews.
Articles from 1973-4
Gary Thain was electrocuted on
stage. His substance abuse 
and injury led to him
being replaced by John Wetton.
He died in 1975. You can read more 
Their first albums
used strong graphics
that at times were
This is the British edition cover
of their first album.

Their second album, Salisbury, 
is one of their best efforts. 

For their next two albums they 
had Roger Dean do their 
cover art. They are among 
my favorite covers with 
photos and art inside and out.
The album "Demons and Wizards"
is considered their best 
work by many. 

The next album, "Magician's Birthday"
is very good, but weaker then
the previous album.

This was Gary Thain's last recording.
He died around the time of
the album's release.
Gary Thain had previously
been in The Keef Hartley Band.
TOE FAT was a band that Ken Hensley and
Lee Kerslake were in before URIAH HEEP.
They were on the"Rare Earth"label, which 
was a subsidiary of "Motown".
The cover art has been a favorite of
mine in the weird category.
Read more here - Toe Fat
Below is Ken Hensley's first solo album.
Read more here - Ken Hensley
A review of 
hie second 
solo album.
David Byron was fired from the band
partly due to his alcoholism.
He continued to record solo 
and with others. 
He died in 1985. 
You can read more about him here -
Visit their official website - 
Also this blog - Classic Heep Blog


  1. Cool website, I took the opportunity to tell the Heepworld. Can we change links ?



  2. Cool website,I like evrything about UH.Keep rocking.


    Sakse (Trondheim ,Norway)

  3. Cool website, I love Uriah Heep, I love Bernie Shaw wonderful singer

    KIss fron Isabel (Trieste, Italy)

  4. saw them with Jethro Tull in Rochester, NY USA in Dec of '77 (i think).

    AWESOME show! been one of my fave bands since 1974.

    'High and Mighty' is a killer album that gets little attention.


  5. Excellent info, particularly the Scrapbook and Press Pass. Many thanks for sharing!