I saw Peter Frampton 3 times. This photo was taken at Winterland the first time I saw him. The ticket stub is from the second time I saw him in Sacramento. The third time I saw him at Winterland, he announced that the concert was being taped for a live album. Yes, that live album! From the research I have done, it appears that show was not used. That show was on 3/24/75. I have read that he played Winterland again just 3 months later and that performance was used on the album.
To see my photos and read our
memoirs of the concert, go to -
The photo below shows me just to the left
of Rick Wills. You can see my camera in hand.
My friend, Gary, is next to me with long hair 
and glasses. This photo was taken by 
Steve Caraway 

Peter goes solo in this article, 9/72
A review his first solo album, 8/17/72.
A review of the 
first "Frampton's Camel 
album, 7/19/73
Andy Bowen was in The Herd with Peter
and later joined his band, Frampton's Camel. 
This is Andy Bown's autograph and an
early article on him in SOUNDS 7/21/73.

An article by a very young 
Cameron Crowe. He talks 
about Peter Frampton's 
third album, "Somethin's
Happening", 8/1/74
Peter Frampton's first album 
Because of his good looks, Peter was popular 
with the teeny-boppers and appeared in many 
pop rock mags in the 60s. Here is a piece from 
FLIP magazine 6/68. Keith appearantly didn't 
bother to check his facts.
Peter's first solo album, after leaving Humble Pie, was 
WIND OF CHANGE. It was released by AM in 1972.
Peter plays guitar, organ and percussion. Ringo Starr,
Klaus Voorman, and Billy Preston played on this LP as  
did Andy Bowen & Rick Wills who later joined him
in his band, Frampton's Camel.
 It stands out as one of his best efforts 
and a personal favorite of mine. 
His 2nd release was Frampton's Camel, 
also published by AM the following year.
An excellent album. He covers a Stevie Wonder 
Peter was a fan of Stevie Wonder 
and even got the idea of the guitar mouth 
piece on DO YOU FEEL LIKE WE DO?  
from Stevie Wonder. 
Here is an article and 
book promoting 
Peter's appearance in the movie
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band.

Read more here - Peter Frampton 

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