My friends and I saw Alan Price
perform in 1974 at the Great American 
Music Hall in San Francisco. He had a small
orchestra on the tiny stage and played
songs from the movie, "O Lucky Man", plus
other hits, including "The House of the Rising Sun".
We met him after the show and got his 
autograph. I also got Colin Green's
autograph. He was the guitarist.
You can see my photos and read
our memoirs of that concert - 

This is a nice overview of
Alan Price's career. It is from the book,
 "Then, Now and Rare - British Beat"
Copyright by Omnibus Press 2002.
An early compilation album
of songs from "The Alan Price Set"
and solo work.
A nice review from 6/25/70.
A review of the music he did for the 
movie. "O Lucky Man", 8/2/73
The film and soundtrack 
were a success. This is 
an article from CIRCUS 
magazine 10/73
The next release was, "Between
Today and Yesterday" My personal 
favorite and fine companion to
"O Lucky Man". This article is 
from 6/6/74
He makes the cover of
Melody Maker on 6/22/74 and announces 
plans for a stage musical based
on the album, "Between Today and 
Yesterday". I don't believe
that ever happened.
The first album by  
A picture sleeve 45 from
my collection. 
Two early publicity photos.
The photographer is unknown.
Published in "The End of Innocence"
Copyright Scalo Publications 1997.
The ANIMALS were part of
the 60s British Invasion, started by
Beatlemania. They were promoted 
in magazines and tabloids that 
were marketed to teen-age girls.
The concerts were often disrupted
by screaming fans who 
would storm the stage.
The constant touring and pressure led  
 to Alan Price leaving the band 
in 1965 and forming his own 
band, The Alan Price Set.
Neither band ever achieved
the same excitement or success
but still recorded fine music.
A big hit for The Alan Price Set
was a cover version of 
"I Put a Spell on You" by
Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Sceamin' Jay Hawkins 
put on a wild performance and 
was called "Screamin" for good reason.
He would start his show by 
climbing out of a coffin.
Alan teamed up with Georgie Fame
for a while and recorded an album.
Alan Price found his niche
in the music of Randy Newman.
He recorded many of his songs
and had major success with "Simon
Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear".
This song led Lindsey Anderson 
to ask Alan Price to do the
soundtrack for his movie, 
"O Lucky Man".
This is an early American release 
of his music with a review by
Chris Welch on the back.
"Savaloy Dip" was
an unreleased album. It was 
released on 8 track tape and then 
pulled. It was recorded shortly 
before "O Lucky Man"
Alan Price also appears in the film.
"Metropolitan Man" followed
"Beteween Today and Yesterday".
A later album, 1976, with
great graphics by 
Gerald Scarfe. He also 
did the inside cover art
for Pink Floyd's, "The Wall".
Chas Chandler, The bassist for
The Animals, went on to manage and 
produce both Jimi Hendrix,
and years later, Slade.
He died 7/17/96
Eric Burdon, singer for 
the band, WAR. He also
recorded and toured
with his self-named
Eric Burdon wrote his autobiography
in 1986. He gives his personal account of the 
history of The Animals and leaves it up to others 
to debate its accuracy.
It is published by Faber & Faber.
Copyright Eric Burdon.
The original ANIMALS
reunited in 1977 and 
recorded an album. 
They reunited once more
in 1983 to record ARK.

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