British Rock Calendar 1974 - MARCH

The month of March in 1974 was one of
the best. In less than 3 weeks my friends
and I saw 5 major acts. Peter Frampton,
Hawkwind, Man, Yes and Genesis. 
All were at their peak of creativity.  


When Wishbone Ash played Winterland in 11/3/73, my friends
and I decided to see if the band was staying at a hotel near by. 
Dan Cuny went to the front desk and asked if Martin Turner
was staying there. The desk clerk informed Dan that he was and 
even allowed Dan to call him in his room from the desk phone. 
In a short time we were in the hotel rooms of Wishbone Ash. 
They were still in bed, but gracious enough to welcome 
our awkward advances for autographs. 
That evening they put on a brilliant show. 
Below is my collection of articles and albums.
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An Article from
magazine December 1971

A review of ARGUS 
August 17, 1972
Andy Powell is interviewed.
December 23, 1972
A review of their single, 
"So Many Things to Say". 
July 21, 1973. It was not 
favorable. They never achieved 
the success of ARGUS again.

Wishbone Ash Played with another British band, HOME,
a month before we saw them at Winterland.
Their lead guitarist, Laurie Wisefield, replaced
Ted Turner a few months later.

Their live album was released shortly after 
we saw them. A good album, but failed to capture 
the excitement of the concert.
They were playing from their newest release, 

Many British groups had their LPs designed by Hipgnosis.
They used bold graphic visuals, mainly from manipulated
photographs. I always recognized and enjoyed their cover art.
Read more - Hipgnosis 
Their first album, Pilgrimage

Their second and most successful, Argus

British Rock Calendar 1974

In 1974 my friend, Michael Morton, gave me and
other friends handmade calendars. He cut images 
from British Rock fan magazines to decorate it. 
He pasted them on to construction paper and inked the 
days of each month. I used that calendar to mark the 
concerts that we wanted to attend. Some of them
we did and others cancelled, which was marked. 
I will post a page at the start of each month, 2010. 
Having gotten off to a late start, I am posting January 
and February together.
January's page shows that I went to Los Angeles.
I went with fellow British Rock fans, Gary Hodges
and Michael Morton, who made this calendar.
On that trip we visited Rodney 
Bingenheimer's English Disco. 
This month Slade cancelled, but we did see
The Moody Blues at the Oakland Coliseum.
In February we saw Manfred Mann's Earth Band
and Uriah Heep on the same bill at Winterland.
Then ELP & Back Door at the San Francisco Civic Center.
Fleetwood Mac, Argent and Savoy Brown cancelled.