Mickey Jones, founding member of the Welsh rock
group, MAN, passed away after a long illness on 
March 10th, 2010. My friends and I had the 
good fortune to meet him and
 see MAN perform in Berkeley on 
March 10th, 1974, 36 years to the day 
before he died. He was a gentle soul, a
talented and devoted musician. 
He will be missed.
To see my photos of the concert 
and read our memoirs, go to - 
For more about MAN - 
Below is a photo from the back of Man's album, 
"Do You Like It Here Now, Are You
Settling In?" Left to right is Martin Ace, 
Clive John, Mickey Jones, Roger (Deke) 
Leonard and Terry Williams. 
A couple of articles 
from the British rock paper,
Melody Maker. 
He made the cover 10/27/73
This article appeared in
Melody Maker one month
before I saw them live.


What do David Bowie, Slade, Black Sabbath,
Uriah Heep, Gary Glitter, Alice Cooper,
John Lennon, Spinal Tap, The Eagles,
Dr. John, Bryan Ferry, Bobby Vee,
Leon Redbone, Mae West and
many others have in common?
Some of our rock friends from the past
want to wish you a Merry Christmas.
 Merry Xmas Everyone, (live clip)
Some musicians were promoting 
 a new tour, concert or album release.
It wouldn't be Christmas 
without advertising.

Here are some rock records
from my personal collection.
They are all 45s.
The first is a tribute to John Lennon.
He died on December 8th, 1980.
30 years ago this month.
Yoko Ono
Christmas music comes in many styles.
We didn't forget Hanukah.

Here is more Christmas music 
from my collection. 
These are all LPs. 
James Brown  
Leon Redbone and Dr. John 
 Frosty The Snowman, (live clip)
The Christmas Jugband 
Bobby Vee
Kay Martin 
Mae West was not a Rocker, but I have heard
that the band that backed her on this album
was The Standells.