Eric Clapton 7/21/74

After 3 years of near seclusion, following the demise of Derek and the Dominos, Eric Clapton decided to release a solo album and tour the US. He put together a band, which included bass player, Carl Radle, from Derek and the Dominos. He added a back up singer, Yvonne Elliman, who had performed as Mary Magdalene in “Jesus Christ Superstar”, on album, film and stage. They recorded in Miami, Florida, and titled the album “461 Ocean Boulevard”, after the house they stayed at. The song, “I Shot The Sheriff”, by Bob Marley and the Wailers, became Clapton’s first #1 solo hit. In June 1974, Eric Clapton and his band began their US tour. 

My friends and I saw Eric Clapton and his band perform 
at The Cow Palace near San Francisco July 21, 1974. 
To see photos of that concert and 
read our memoirs, go to ...
Brit Rock By The Bay

The photo below was taken by Dan Cuny 
outside the Cow Palace.
This is the official program from 
the concert. I bought it there for $2.
Below are pages from the book, "Eric Clapton - 
A Visual Documentary by Marc Roberty". 
It documents the events day to day from the 
first announcement to the end of the tour.
©Copyright 1986 Omnibus Press
Below is text from "Clapton - The 
Autobiography". Clapton suggests an affair 
 between him and Yvonne Elliman.
Published by Broadway Books.
©Copyright 2007 E.C. Music Limited.
The photo below is from "Wonderful 
Tonight - George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me"
by Pattie Boyd. 
©Copyright Pattie Boyd 2007
Below is text from "Clapton - The 
Autobiography". Clapton describes how he 
came  to record "I Shot The Sheriff"
and  Bob Marley's response.
Published by Broadway Books.
©Copyright 2007 E.C. Music Limited.
Family tree below is by Pete Frame.
It is taken from the official program.
©Pete Frame June 1974.
The first announcement of 
the tour was ten months 
before it happened. 
Melody Maker did a large 
retrospective of Clapton. 
Published October 10, 1973.
The tour is announced May 11, 1974.
It has rumors about George Harrison
joining him and the possibility of a 
Cream reunion. 
Two weeks later, the US papers 
express doubt that there 
is an album and tour 
in the works. 
The new band and 
album are officially 
announced June 8, 1974.
The rock papers cover the action. 
"New Musical Express" printed a long 
article reviewing a live performance.
Published June 29, 1974.
A review of the band's warm-up
concert in Copenhagen.
Published June 29, 1974.
Tour dates and album 
notes, July 4, 1974.
The album receives 
mixed reviews in the 
British Press, July 13,1974.
A major interview with Eric Clapton
is published in the US just three
days before I saw him perform.
A review of the live show.
August 1, 1974.
A US review of the album.
It received mixed reviews, again.
August 29, 1974.
An over-view of the tour from 
Hit Parader Magazine,
Annual Winter Issue 1974-75
The album "461 Ocean Boulevard"
Yvonne Elliman hit it big playing Mary 
Magdalene on "Jesus Christ Superstar."
Her first album was titled, "I Don't Know 
How To Love Him", from that rock opera.
Yvonne Elliman's second solo album, 1973. 
Pete Townshend helped with it.
Her first album with RSO records 
was "Rising Sun", 1975.
She was married to Bill Oakes, the 
president of the company. He was 
responsible for her meeting Clapton. She 
recorded with his band for five years. She later  
had the hit song, "If I Can't Have You", written
for her by the Bee Gees.

Bass player, Carl Radle passed away 
from substance abuse in 1980
at the age 37.
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