Humble Pie was a 60s band that hit
their peak in the early 70s with the albums
"Rock On" and "Smokin'". Their live 
album, "Performance Rockin' The 
Fillmore", established them as a 
great live band. Led by Steve Marriott, 
from The Small Faces, Humble Pie included
Peter Frampton, from The Herd. He left in 1971
 to pursue a solo career and was replaced 
by Clem Clempson, from Colosseum. 
Touring the US extensively, they built a 
strong following. Steve Marriott's powerful 
vocals were a perfect match with the 
driving beat from drummer, Jerry Shirley 
and bassist, Greg Ridley who had been 
 with Spooky Tooth. Clem Clempson
helped to add a funkier, soulful sound.
My friends and I saw Humble Pie perform 
in the SF Bay area a few times. To
see our photos and read our memoirs of 
the concerts, go to - Brit Rock By The Bay
A page from my scrapbook shows two 
photos and Clem Clempson's autograph.
This is an early press release. Usually
given out to radio DJs along with the
album that was being promoted. 
A detailed history from the book,
"Rock Family Trees", by Pete Frame.
Published by Omnibus Press 1983.
An article about the break up
of The Small Faces. 
An excerpt from "Call 
Up The Groups - The Golden 
Age of British Beat 1962-67"
by Alan Clayson. Published
by Blandford Press 1985.
"Rock On" was the last 
album Peter Frampton was 
on. It had a heavier, more bluesy
sound, which was not the direction
Frampton wanted to go. 
An article from Circus Magazine
about Clem Clempson joining.
Steve Marriott is interviewed 
about the new album, "Smokin". 
and Frampton's replacement, 
Clem Clempson. 
 A poor review, but most of their 
albums received unflattering reviews. 
"EAT IT" included female back up
singers The Blackberries.
An interview with Steve Marriott from 
September 1973. He discusses his time with 
The Small Faces, Peter Frampton
and the future of Humble Pie.
A rare interview with 
Clem Clempson.
An ad from October 20, 1973
A review of a live show in 
LA from December 20, 1973.
Some of the albums that
make up the Humble Pie story.
"As Safe As Yesterday Is"
was their first album. It was 
not released in the US. 
The British cover of
"Town and Country". 
"Rock On" is considered their best 
album by many. Peter Frampton was 
moving away from the heavier sound
that Steve Marriott wanted. These two 
 clips demonstrate this. 
Inside gatefold. 
Back cover. 
"Smokin'" had one of the band's
most popular songs -
Check out Jerry and Greg
passing a doobie.
Dave "Clem" Clempson was 
with the band Colosseum.
Greg Ridley was originally with a 
group called The V.I.Ps.
They released one album under the name
Art before becoming Spooky Tooth.
The article below is from the book 
"Then, Now and Rare, British Beat"
by Terry Rawlings. 
Published by Omnibus Press 2002.
Greg is on the right with green pants.
Greg Ridley died in 2003.
Steve Marriott died in a fire
at his home in 1991. 
To see more about Peter Frampton
and The Small Faces go to 
earlier pages of David's Rock Scrapbook