Fairport Convention have a long and complicated history.
Formed in the late 60s, they have continued in one 
form  or another ever since. 
Sandy Denny was not in the original line up and only 
recorded three albums with the band before branching 
off with Fotheringay and then launching a solo career. 
In 1974 she rejoined Fairport Convention for one 
album and a tour of the USA.
My friends and I were lucky enough
to see them perform at The Berkeley
Community Theatre in 1974.
We met Sandy Denny and other 
members of the band after the show and 
got their autographs.

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our memoirs, go to -
Brit Rock By The Bay

Below is my ticket stub from the
concert and the autographs
I got after the show.
On top is Sandy Denny, then
Dave Mattacks and Dave Swarbrick.
A history of Fairport Convention
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A detailed history of Fairport and all
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A review of their second 
album and first one with 
Sandy Denny.
Reviews of both 
and "Leige & Lief". 
A review of "Fotheringay" and
"Full House" appeared side-by-side.
Sandy is interviewed and talks about 
breaking up Fotheringay, going solo and
possibly rejoining Fairport. 
Sandy is interviewed and discusses 
recording her new album, "Like an 
Old Fashioned Waltz", and touring the USA.
No mention of her up coming marriage 
 to Trevor Lucas. 
A detailed history of
Fairport and it's members
in two parts. 
Sandy talks about rejoining Fairport.
A glowing review 
of a live show by 
the new Fairport. 
Comparisons are made between Renaissance 
and Fairport Convention.
"Rising For The Moon"
receives a poor review.

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Richard Thompson's biography gives 
some interesting history on the formation of
the band and it's early period. 

Below are some of the albums 
that make up the history of 
Fairport Convention
and some of it's members. 

The first album with Judy Dyble,
Ian MacDonald, (Ian Matthews), Richard Thompson,
Simon Nicol, Tyger Hutchings and Martin Lamble,
(He later died in a car accident that also took the 
life of richard Thompson's girl friend).
I like the serious look on their faces in
contrast to the Marx Bros. photo.
Sandy Denny's first recordings from 1967.
They were released in 1978 after her death.
The British cover of the second Fairport album
and the first with Sandy Denny.
The cover art was done on a chalk board 
by the band while waiting back stage.
After the concert they sent a photographer
over to get a shot of it before it was erased.

The USA release of the album without a title.
The British release of their third album
The USA version.
Their fourth album "Leige & Lief".
After the car accident they nearly disbanded.
Sandy Denny left and Dave Swarbrick joined. 
BBC Radio Sessions from 1968-69. 
They were released on Hannibal 
Records in 1987.
Their next album, "Full House".  Members were
Dave Mattacks, Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg,
Dave Swarbrick and Richard Thompson. 
This was the last album Richard Thompson
performed with Fairport. 
"Fotheringay" was formed in 1970. Members 
were Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas, Gerry Conway,
Jerry Donahue and Pat Donaldson.
Trevor Lucas later married Sandy Denny and 
had a child. They released one album and 
disbanded while working on a second which
was recently released. 
After leaving Fairport Convention, 
Judy Dyble sang with Giles, Giles and Fripp, 
(King Crimson), and then joined Trader Horne
with ex-Them member, Jackie McAuley.
They released one album, "Morning Way". 
Iain Matthews, (Ian McDonald),  left Fairport 
and formed Matthews' Southern Comfort
and later Plainsong. 
Dave Swarbrick and Martin Carthy recorded 
five albums together in the late 60s. Swarbrick 
later joined Fairport and Carthy joined 
Steeleye Span.
The album, "The Bunch" was a one shot
recording in 1972. British folk rockers
cover American classics from Hank Williams
to Chuck Berry. Linda Peters later married
Richard Thompson. 
Morris On was considered a British 
folk music super group. They recorded 
two highly acclaimed albums. 
Sandy's first solo album. The first song, "Late
November" was written for the second
Fotheringay album. 
Sandy's second album included Richard Thompson,
Pat Donaldson, Dave Swarbrick and Linda Peters. 
Her next album also included ex-Fairport and 
Fotheringay members. The songs have a 
more "jazzy" sound. 
Her reunion with Fairport included Dave Swarbrick, 
Dave Pegg, Jerry Donahue, Trevor Lucas, 
Dave Mattacks and Bruce Rowland.
"Rendezvous" was her last recording.

To see more about Sandy Denny in 
my previous blog post - 

In 1981 Fairport did a reunion concert at 
Broughton Castle. They performed songs from 
various periods and even one by Jerry Lee Lewis.
On hand were Dave Swarbrick, Richard Thompson,
Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg, Dave Mattacks, 
Bruce Rowland and Judy Dyble.