British Rock Calendar 1974 - APRIL

In April we saw Mott the Hoople and Alan Price in the
same week.These were both great concerts.
Alan Price had just released 
his classic LP, "Between Today and Yesterday".
We saw him perform at The Great American Music Hall in SF. 
We saw Leo Sayer at the SF Boarding House the following week.
Leo gained recognition from Roger Daltry's first solo album.
Being an unknown, he allowed Daltry to record his songs.
The success of that led him to record his own songs. It was 
Leo's first tour of the USA and he wore
clown make-up and outfit. 


Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks were students at Charterhouse School in Godalming, England in the mid-60s. They formed school bands, Garden Wall and Anon. Songwriter-producer, Jonathan King, (who had the hit,  “Everyone’s Gone To The Moon”), discovered them and named them Genesis, after the name Gabriel’s Angels was rejected. 
King produced their first album, “From Genesis To Revelations”. It was not successful. Changes in the band and producer were made which led to their second and more successful album, “Trespass”.  Their next albums, “Nursery Cryme” and “Foxtrot” put them near the top of the progressive rock genre in the early 70s. They recorded two more albums with Peter Gabriel, “Selling England By The Pound” and “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”. Peter Gabriel then left to record solo. Genesis continued on with drummer, Phil Collins, taking lead vocal.

My friends and I saw them perform live March 24, 1974 
at Bill Graham's Winterland in San Francisco,
and January 22, 1975 at the Berkeley Community Theater.
To see our photos of both concerts and 
read our memoirs,  go to - 
Brit Rock By The Bay - GENESIS 1974
Brit Rock By The Bay - GENESIS 1975

The pages of my scrapbook below.

From "The Harmony Illustrated 
Encyclopedia Of Rock" 
by Mike Clifford. 
© Salamander Books 1986
From "The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia 
Of Rock & Roll" © Rolling Stone Press 1983.
From "Rock Family Trees"
by Pete Frame. Published by 
Omnibus Press. 
© Pete Frame 1993.
A review of their 
first US tour.
Melody Maker - 
December 23, 1972
They discuss touring and
recording their next album, 
"Selling England By The Pound".
Melody Maker - July 28, 1973.
Their live album is reviewed.
Melody Maker - August 4, 1973.
"Selling England By The Pound"
is discussed in an interview
with Peter Gabriel. 
Sounds - September 1,1973.
Peter Gabriel is interviewed.
He discusses their live performance at 
The Reading Festival, The "Live" album, 
"Selling England...", and their future.
Melody Maker - October 6, 1973.
Peter Gabriel makes the 
cover of Melody Maker. 
He is interviewed by Chris Welch 
and talks about their first tour 
of the West Coast in the US.
Melody Maker - January 19, 1974.
A review of their live 
act in London.
Melody Maker - January 26, 1974
"Selling England
By The Pound" is reviewed.
Rolling Stone - March 14, 1974.
Phil Collins is interviewed. 
He discusses their US tour 
and their future. Melody 
Maker - May 25, 1974.
Peter Gabriel is questioned.
Melody Maker - June 8, 1974.
The band's impact on
the  US is discussed.
Melody Maker - July 20, 1974.
Peter Gabriel is interviewed.
Melody Maker - September 28, 1974.
Peter Gabriel discusses the new album, 
"The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" 
and the canceling of their tour due 
to an injury to Steve Hackett's hand.
Melody Maker - October 26, 1974.
Peter Gabriel is interviewed. He talks about their 
early days, the music, the costumes, politics, etc.
Circus Magazine - December 1974.
The band is interviewed as they tour 
the US. They discuss the new album, 
"The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway". 
Phil Collins admits he doesn't know 
what it means. Peter Gabriel defends 
the costumes and other theatrics. 
Rolling Stone - January 2, 1975. 
An excerpt from "The Book 
Of Genesis".  Interviewing Genesis
about the making of "The Lamb..."
and why Peter Gabriel had to leave.
by Hugh Fielder.
© Hugh Fielder / Limbo Books 
Limited 1984.
Phil Collins takes over as
lead vocal, but drops the 
costumes. Bill Bruford
is recruited as drummer
for the live shows. Peter 
Gabriel gives his thoughts
on the band without him
and what he is doing now.
Rolling Stone - 
April 22, 1976.
Their first album, "Genesis To Revelation" 
is released March 1969.
Their second album, "Tresspass" 
is released October 1970.
Their third album, "Nursery Cryme" 
is released November 1971.
Their fourth album, "Foxtrot"
is released 1972.
Their fifth and only live album.
Released June 1973.
Their sixth album,
 "Selling England By The Pound"
 is released October 1973.
Their seventh album, 
"The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
is released November 1974.
Peter Gabriel's first solo album, 
released 1977. The song "Solsbury Hill" is 
an autobiographical piece about why 
he left Genesis.
Phil Collins first recorded for 
Flaming Youth. Their only album 
was "Ark 2", released in 1969