Al Stewart was born in Scotland in 1945. He recorded his first album, “Bedsitter Images”, in 1967 as part of the British folk-rock scene. His early albums included help from various musicians such as Jimmy Page, Richard Thompson and Rick Wakeman. His fifth album, “Past, Present & Future”, achieved some notice on the FM radio circuit in the USA. The influences of Bob Dylan and the Beatles were noticeable and was his most popular work at the time. The title referred to the historic figures written about in the songs, like Nostradamus, Warren G. Harding and others. The lush production made for an epic sound and is considered one of his finest works. Al Stewart reached greater fame with his next albums produced by Alan Parsons. “Year of the Cat” and “Time Passages” from 1975 & 1976. They both went platinum.
Al Stewart continues to perform 
in Europe and the USA.

My friend and I saw Al Stewart and his band, which included Tim Renwick, perform at The Boarding House in San Francisco on April 11, 1975. You can see my photos of that concert and read our memoirs at -
Brit Rock by the Bay

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Tim Renwick became Al Stewart's 
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The are some of the albums in 
my collection that were produced 
between 1967 - 1980

Al Stewart's first album release
"Bedsitter Images" 1967
His second album, "Love Chronicles"
released 1969.
His third release, "Zero She Flies"
released 1970.
His fourth album, "Orange"
released 1972.
His fifth, "Past, Present & Future"
released 1974.
His sixth, "Modern Times"
released 1975.
His seventh, "Year of the Cat"
released 1976.
His eighth, "Time Passages"
released 1978.
His ninth, "24 Carrots"
released 1980.
The Sutherland Bros. Band first album, 
released 1972.
Quiver's first album,
released 1971.
Sutherland Bros. second album, "Lifeboat"
released 1972.
Sutherland Bros. joined forces with Quiver and
reissued the album in the US with 
three tracks added. Released 1972.

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  1. Always liked Al Stewart, Year of the Cat , Past Present future. The follow up to Cat wasn't as strong to me, but I really liked " Life in Dark Water" and great underrated ( to me anyway) Tim Renwick's solo .